Saturday, February 28, 2009

Okay, Okay...

We'll TRY and keep up with this blog...not like we don't have the time, I guess it's just a mental energy thing.
Here's some pics from the last month.
Last day at our house in Bluffton, SC

SNOW in VA!!! Haven't seen snow in like years!

Cutest family ever :) Sam, Kristen and baby Kaeona!

We took Joe bowling on his birthday.

Me and Danny at Shenandoah Joe's, the coffee house where our fam spends a lot of time.

I made this chocolate tart, but Joe put the perfect scoop of ice cream on top.

Joe wearing his new apron from Ellie

Before we painted the dining room

After we painted the dining room

Chili got a bath, so cute!

My first knitting project ever! A scarf for me :)

So keep us in your prayers, Danny and I are both still job searching. But things are good, we're having fun getting used to Charlottesville and Danny is getting involved in the youth group and worship team at Trinity.

Oh and if you know anyone looking to buy a house in Bluffton, let us know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And now for something totally different...

Well it's been hard to know what to say and where to start with updating this blog. Since our last post pretty much everything in our lives has changed. On December 12th Danny resigned from his job at the Church of the Cross, it was the result of a series of events which made it clear that we no longer agreed with the youth ministry philosophy at the church. So with that we packed up, put our house on the market and moved in with my parents in Charlottesville, Virginia. That may sound a little drastic, but we knew we could no longer afford our house in Bluffton so we would have to sell our house, find a new church and get new jobs anyway so we figured we might as well be up in Virginia with our families. So here we are. We just arrived on Sunday, unpacked our Penske and filled up a storage unit (our home away from home away from home Danny calls it)

So that's life now. Job searching is our main priority. Prayers are definitely welcome, for our house to sell and for jobs to come quickly!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Life (or at least where I work) is Beautiful

Here are some pictures that I took on Wednesday on the property of the church where I work (our "historic" campus).

the building was built in 1884

the palm trees are beautiful

The church is on the bluff (as in "Bluff" town) which overlooks possible the supremely clean May River.

This is the riverside entrance to the church

There's something cool about a weather aged door

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pics of me and joel A

Joel and Danny
4 happy campers
I'm always watching!!! :-) I miss you Joel!

thinking caps...

So here are some things that I've been thinking about lately. You should know that Mary and I have not talked about all of these things. Also, most of these have not come out of situations that have arisen...they are just thoughts I try to answer.

Is gambling wrong? What about sponsoring a gambler? What about business ventures? What about the lottery? What about a fund raising raffle or something akin?

Did God intend for us to domesticate animals? If so, to what extent? What about plants? Should we have these things in our homes? What kinds of shelter did God intend for us to have?

If the church is truly not providing the social safety net that it should (to homeless, hungry, needs, widow and orphans, etc.) should Christians support governmental efforts to those ends as a necessary intermediate? How can the church regain its proper place in society (how do we have proper dissent from the government..when and how is it proper)? Should government have the ability to tax at all?

Should we really have freedom of speech? If so, does that mean I have to hear someone playing their music loudly with expletives and crude language or do I have a right to silence?

As the one ultimately responsible to God, can I unilaterally make decisions in the house regarding finances, schedule, purchases, etc.? What does that authority look like? Is it wrong to have a woman "bread-winner" (the wife earns the majority/all of the income)?

And now, a word from Danny :-)

Men's Tuesday night basketball group
(I play when my back says I can play;
sometimes I just take pictures and keep score :-) )
Here's our living room before we moved in

This is the room with our "Christmas arrangement"
AKA "Can you tell we don't use our fireplace?"
(note the lack of Poangs)

I know Mary posted a picture of the lights, but this one is here because it shows the glow of 1,100 lights (1.1 kilalight)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree!

So Friday, Danny and I cut down our very own Christmas tree! Here are some pictures from the adventure.

Christmas tree cute, I've never been to one

It was raining by the way, but we took our hoods off just for this shot

Danny wanted this one...

...But we decided on this one
So we (he) cut it down (not as fun as it sounds since it was raining and I had to catch the tree when it fell)

Then we added lots and lots of lights

And we decorated of course, we still need a topper and a tree skirt

The part we don't have pictures of is me and Danny carrying a wet and not so light 10ft tree through the front door of our house, wrestling it into a tree stand, moving it across the living room only to find that it wouldn't work there and then moving it back which by the end of it all involved rearranging our entire living was a long but festive night.